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Do you agree with me that 80% of of our daily activity happening in the living hall before we go to bed? Now do you know that the dust in our house “particularly” in our living hall is the sum of your environmental accumulations? Do you want to find out what is dust made of?

It is a mixture that can include dried food particles, outside dust, pollen particles, mold spores, fibers, insect parts, insect dropping, hair, shed skin cells, dried saliva and urine from indoor pets because all of our daily activity happening in the living room before we go to bed. This get even worse because modern living with central air conditioner, humidifiers, better sealed homes and wall to wall carpeting has benefited the house mites to grow exponentially. Situation like these lead to dust mites infestation particularly in your sofa and they risk developing mites related allergic diseases!

Now you know that you spend a lot of time in the living room with our children or pets, therefore please make sure that the sofa is clean. We know this is a tedious task because you need the right equipment and tools. Therefore, we are here to help you to do the dry cleaning. This technique is safe and free from odors, dangerous chemical substances and harming cleaning agents. Yes! You heard it right. We do not use chemical cleaning agents because majority of them are bleaching agents and can cause some serious health problems such as asthma, deep skin irritation or allergic reactions.

For stain removal, we are using a revolutionary green cleaning agent that has been awarded USDA BioPreferred designation as USDA Certified Biobased Product – meaning the ingredients come from biological sources, pet and environmentally friendly. This green cleaning agent is the only product that carries both the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute in United States.

Pricing Guide For Upholstery Cleaning


1 Seater

  • Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

2 Seaters

  • Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

3 Seaters

  • Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

4 Seaters

  • Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

L-Couch / 5 Seaters

  • Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

Throw Pillow

  • Toss Pillow Cleaning

P.S.: We used “Decon 90” laboratory grade surface active cleaning agent and “UV-C Light” to clean and decontaminate our CLEANING TOOLS from dust mites, germs, bacteria and microorganisms every time after the cleaning so that now we can maintain the HIGHEST STANDARD of cleanliness of our equipment / tools mainly to PROTECT you from getting sick because now diseases don’t spread!

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