Do you have symptoms such as sinus infection, running nose, sneezing, congestion and drain-age results? This is allergic rhinitis or nasal inflammatory disorders caused by allergic reactions. Enclosed are 9 major causes of sinus infections:

  1. House dust. It’s everything that can include dried food particles, outside dusts, pollen particles, mold spores, various fibers, insect parts and droppings, pesticides, from your indoor pets, hair, shed skin cells, saliva and urine.
  2. House mites are the most important from allergy prospective. Cleanliness of the home or its occupants has nothing to do with their presence. This parasite creatures burrow deep into upholstered furniture, stuffed toys, sofa, bedding, and loose long pile carpet.
  3. Feathers are most likely a reaction to the house mites living in the feather pillows, not to the feathers themselves. As a rule, the older the feather pillow, the more of a problem it will present to an allergic person due to the accumulation of mites over time. Watch out for things like pillows, comforters, quilts, down jackets and sleeping bags.
  4. The Molds. Allergy causing molds to reproduce by forming microscopic spores that are then widely distributed by currents of air. It is to these airborne mold spores that we become allergic.
  5. Cats! The airborne substance responsible for these symptoms is a protein allergists refer to Fel d I. Fed d I is primarily distributed by cat saliva, dander, urine and feces.
  6. Dogs! Like cat, allergens that are found in dog’s shed skin, saliva, hair, blood serum, urine and faces.
  7. Other mammals. Horse hair and cow hair were at one time used as stuffing in furniture and mattresses, as well as in matins, padding and felts. Exposure to these allergens can still occur via older beds, carpets, carpets pad, chairs and sofas.
  8. Cottonseed (not cottonseed oil!). The culprit is a water-soluble protein that Is used most extensively in fertilizers and animal feeds. It can cause explosive symptoms when those allergic to it are exposed.
  9. Kapok is light, cotton like fiber derived from the fruit of the kapok tree, indigenous to India, Indonesia and the Philippines. People used it as stuffing for mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags and life jackets. As it ages, it increases as a problem for allergic people due to its gradual invasion by house mites.