We Provide Total Cleaning Solutions To Your Mattress, Sofa, Carpet & Curtain

We offer all types of mattresses, sofa, carpet, curtain or any upholstery mites removal services for your homes, offices or any commercial premises at affordable prices. If you don’t clean it regularly, these microscopic dust mites creatures burrow deep into upholstered furniture, mattress, bedding, carpeting and stuffed toys. These allergens can cause a serious allergic reaction such as allergy or asthma when you inhale them into your lung or come into contact with them with your skins.

How is the cleaning process begin? We begin by using a powerful vacuum system with a build-in power nozzle to deep clean the top, bottom and sides of the mattress or sofa. After the cleaning, you can see the water in the vacuum system is getting darker because it uses water to trap all the dust mites, dust, dirt and dead skin cells, returning only HEPA filter clean air to the environment. Finally, we spray your mattress, sofa, carpet or curtain with an organic anti-mite solution which we imported from oversea.

Image taken before cleaning

Image taken after cleaning

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Disclaimer: Our deep and dry cleaning is a process that facilitates the cleaning of mattress/sofa /carpet/curtain to assist a person’s in managing allergens and to control seasonal allergies such as irritation and skin allergy reaction. The result of the allergy is a red, itchy rash that can include small blisters or bumps on their skin, sneezing, coughing, running nose and watery eyes. Mattress/sofa /carpet/curtain cleaning is not a substitute or replacement for medical treatment. If you are in an emergency situation, please call your nearest medical or dermatologist for immediate help. All payments made after the cleaning are non-refundable nor creditable for any reason whatsoever.

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