There Is A More Effective Ways To Clean Your Curtain From Dust, Dirt and Allergens Beside Washing…

Yes, your curtain is the first thing that your guest would notice when they are entering your room. Curtains are used to insulate a room from heat from the windows, to give privacy and to control light and glare. However, it is necessary to keep your curtains as clean as possible to avoid over-exposure to dust, dirt, and allergens, particularly if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. Furthermore, it’s easy to extend the lifespan of your curtains by regularly cleaning them.
Depending on the material of your curtains, you can simply clean it by hand wash before putting them into the washing machine or send it for dry cleaning, but both increase the risk of shrinking. Remember, bare windows can leave you with little Privacy in the living hall or bedroom.

However, our curtain “dry cleaning” technique brings you these benefit: –

  • Fast because our special curtain cleaning tools remove embedded dirt and odors within minutes by sucking them out.
  • The curtains are not damaged or shrink after the cleaning process.
  • No risk of color change after cleaning and it look as good as new.
  • For tough stains removal (optional), we only use a green cleaning agent that is certified by USDA Certified Biobased Product – meaning the ingredients come from biological sources, environmentally friendly and it doesn’t harm your pet (if you are a pet lover). Furthermore our green cleaning agent carries both the “Seal of Approval” from the Carpet and Rug Institute in the United States so that it doesn’t bleach or causing a color change to your curtain.

Even If You have Allergy To Dust Mites, Cleaning Your Curtain Regularly Help To:

  • Remove dust, dirt, etc so that it doesn’t fly around and go into your lung when you pull the curtain.

  • Reduce the allergic reactions especially to dust and pollen impurities that may happen in your body.

  • Avoid some skin problems due to pollen, pet dander, insects or some other impurities.

  • Prolong the life span of your curtain without risking any damage.

Pricing Guide For Curtain Cleaning (Deep & Dry Cleaning)

Sheer Curtains

RM7000per pc
  • 145 x 250 cm

Block Out Curtains

RM11000per pc
  • 145 x 250 cm

P.S.: PLEASE TAKE NOTE that we pay a lot of attention to disinfecting our equipment and cleaning tools. We used “Decon 90” laboratory-grade surface active cleaning agent and “UV-C Light” to clean and decontaminate our CLEANING TOOLS from dust mites, germs, and bacteria  every time to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness of our equipment/tools mainly to PROTECT YOU from getting cross-contamination and prevent microorganisms spread from one family to another family!

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