These are the six basic steps to take in reducing your exposure to house dust mites:

  1. Try to cultivate a taste for the minimalist look in interior design. Keep clothes, soft toys and ornaments in cupboard go for hard flooring in preference to fitted carpets.
  2. If you must have carpets or rugs, choose ones with a flat weave or short pile mead from synthetic fibers and ensure that they are easily washable.
  3. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner than a broom for getting rid of dust because sweeping also stirs up mites dropping.
  4. Change bedding and wash once a week in temperature as hot as instruction will allow once a week (house dust mites can survive at temperature below 60 degree).
  5. You can cover mattress and pillows in special covers or liners, which allow moisture to pass through but trap mite droppings below the surface, reducing the number released into atmosphere. Never use plastic covers for babies and young children bedding as there is a danger of suffocation.
  6. Finally dry clean your mattress and pillows at least once a year because it doesn’t take a lot of money to live a healthy, happy live. Please click here to find out out about our packages.