1. There are many agents that can trigger or twitch your nose: dust, pollen, dust mites, dogs, cats, cold air, infection, smokes, bright lights, etc.
  2. Most people with twitchy noses have more than one twitching agent.
  3. More than one twitcher may stimulate your nose at any one time, and they frequently do.
  4. You may not be aware of all the agents responsibility for your symptoms.
  5. Twitchy noses run, drip, sniff, sneeze, drain, snuff-up, stop-up, itch, burn, bleed, and occasionally hurt and do so in various combinations.
  6. The type of symptom most annoying to you may change from day to day, or even hour to hour: runny now, sneezing in 2 hours, stopped-up tonight, itchy in the morning.
  7. What twitches you doesn’t necessary twitch someone else.
  8. Even if it does, your symptoms may differ from someone else symptoms.
  9. Even if your symptoms are similar to someone else, you will each differ in your degree of discomforts.
  10. The specific medication(s) that help your twitchy nose may or may not help others.