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Hama Habuk


Kemudaratan Yang Akan Dibawa oleh Hama Habuk Hama habuk atau dalam bahasa inggeris dikenali sebagai "dust mites" suka membiak di dalam persekitaran rumah kita terutama sekali di katil, bantal, sofa, permaidani dan langsir kerana cuaca bilik yang sejuk dan tahap kelembapan air yang tinggi di dalam rumah. Makanan utama hama habuk ialah [...]

Hama Habuk2019-02-25T08:30:52+00:00

15 Ways of Reducing House Dust Exposure In The Bedroom


If your nose reacts to house dust, the following are suggestion that will go a long way towards helping you reduce your house dust exposures.   Focus the efforts on your bedroom. It is most important to have at least one room in which dust is optimally controlled. For most of us, this is the [...]

15 Ways of Reducing House Dust Exposure In The Bedroom2017-05-29T16:14:06+00:00

Find Out What Causes Sinus Problems


Do you have symptoms such as sinus infection, running nose, sneezing, congestion and drain-age results? This is allergic rhinitis or nasal inflammatory disorders caused by allergic reactions. Enclosed are 9 major causes of sinus infections: House dust. It’s everything that can include dried food particles, outside dusts, pollen particles, mold spores, various fibers, insect parts [...]

Find Out What Causes Sinus Problems2017-05-29T16:24:27+00:00

Six Basic Steps To Reduce House Dust Mites


These are the six basic steps to take in reducing your exposure to house dust mites: Try to cultivate a taste for the minimalist look in interior design. Keep clothes, soft toys and ornaments in cupboard go for hard flooring in preference to fitted carpets. If you must have carpets or rugs, choose ones with [...]

Six Basic Steps To Reduce House Dust Mites2018-04-11T23:57:06+00:00

Ten Truths That Everyone Should Know About Nose Symptoms


There are many agents that can trigger or twitch your nose: dust, pollen, dust mites, dogs, cats, cold air, infection, smokes, bright lights, etc. Most people with twitchy noses have more than one twitching agent. More than one twitcher may stimulate your nose at any one time, and they frequently do. You may not be [...]

Ten Truths That Everyone Should Know About Nose Symptoms2017-05-29T16:48:38+00:00